Great Dunmow Round Table Officers and Members 2019 – 2020

Chairman – Joe Hancock

Joe works at the Job Centre, and as the chairman, is more affectionately known as ‘The Boss’

As Chairman, Joe represents Great Dunmow & District Round Table and sets the targets for the year. He also chairs our business meetings which are always prompt and well organised, as well as really fun.

Joe will also set a ‘Chairman’s challenge’ for the members. This year we are all going to Newquay!

A large part of the role is also cultivating a team spirit and ensuring that all Tablers know their responsibilities and are pulling their weight.

Vice Chairman – Louis Sanders

Louis is the Vice Chairman for this year. His job is to act as a henchman for Joe. Whilst standing in for the Chairman in his absence, Louis is the boss, but the role also involves preparation for the coming year to ensure we have continuity.

Louis will also be planning what he is going to try to achieve next year when he finally becomes Chairman in 2020/21.

Secretary – George Hindle

George ‘Sausage’ Hindle is good with computer stuff, and joined GDRT in 2014.

As Secretary, George will try to ensure that meetings are run correctly and in accordance with the rules of the association. George also assists the Chairman before, during and following meetings by preparing agendas, recording minutes and circulating the taken minutes. He usually does this the day before.

Treasurer – Tobias West

Tobias is our very own in-house Chris Evans look-a-like. He joined Round Table in 1966.

Our Treasurer is responsible for advising the Table on all matters of finance and providing up to date information when requested.

Counts and banks monies when collected, tries to arrange for floats when required, and produces proper audited accounts for the Table AGM and is prepared to answer lots of questions on these.

Vice Treasurer – Rob Keightley

Rob is a very tall and handsome man who is (still) responsible for updating the website. He is one of GDRT’s newest members, joining Round Table in January 2018.

Assisting Tobias after events by counting money and paving the way with new technology (Table don’t know what card machines are apparently?), Rob is learning what is required of the role so he can eventually take over from Toby.

Membership Secretary – Jordan Bright

Jordan, aka Spiderman, aka Soapbox Extroadinare is our membership officer for this year. As Membership Secretary, Jordan is responsible for liaising with prospective members and providing advice to those who wish to get involved. He will also liaise with Table Council and Members to put forward new members.

Media & PR – Steve Eccles

Steve aka Regie Stevie is our national region representative. When he’s not busy doing that, he takes pretty pictures and puts them on our Facebook and Instagram. As our media and PR officer, Steve is responsible for maximising the media coverage of the Table by helping to inform people of our Fund-raising events and social functions through the press and social media.

President – Mike Dalton

A former Tabler, after reaching the grand old age of 45, Mike is now a member of Round Table’s sister organisation, the Great Dunmow 41 Club, which is predominantly made up of former Round Table members. Mike provides a link between the GDRT and 41 Club and ensures that the two organisations support each other at various events.

Other Table Members

In addition to the officers above, our other members are:

Anthony  Thomas – Sports and Socials officer!

Chris Taylor – In charge of printing some things!

CJ Watson – Car Enthusiast!

Dan Albon – Very tall, somewhat okay golfer! #junior

Gareth Webber – Chief concert organiser!

James Francis – Soapboax Builder!

James Gallop – Dinner Secretary!

Jon Shepherd – Carnival raw meat man.

Jon Worboys – Preshishun Engineer.

Martin Ball – Fireworks extroadinaire!

Stuart White – He’s very very pretty!

Thomas Johnson – Area 33 IPC! Mr Round Table who is going all the way to the top!