An important part of what we do in Round Table is our fundraising and charitable activities. In Dunmow we have four main fundraising events every year:

  • Concert Night – Held in February each year in partnership with Dunmow 41 Club, we hold a fun charity concert night with live band and disco.  This year ticket sold out in less than two weeks and we raised over £3,000 for charity. We occasionally hold a second concert during the summer to raise additional funds for a special local cause.
  • Bar and BBQ at Great Dunmow Carnival – Annually we organise the Bar and BBQ at Dunmow Carnival. This year we jazzed it up a little with a Pimms section which was equally as popular as the lager and bitter. Commencing with a town procession that regularly has 100 floats and finishing with a concert, the Carnival is superb fun for all the family.
  • Fireworks – Our annual firework extravaganza every November takes place on the Recreation Ground in the centre of town. This is a great event which has a regular annual turnout of approx. 5,000 people.
  • Santa’s Sleigh – Round Table takes it upon themselves to ensure that Santa makes a festive appearance bringing Christmas cheer to the local residents of Great Dunmow and the many excited youngsters in the district.

We also take part in other charity challenges from time to time.  In 2014 we all took part in a charity bike ride from Great Dunmow in Essex to Ypres in Belgium and raised an incredible £56,000 for the British Limbless Ex-Serviceman’s Association (BLESMA) – read more below.

We have financed, assisted and donated both our time and funds raised to a variety of diverse local good causes. We typically consider applications for assistance in our community on a bi-monthly basis.

Good causes we have supported

In the last ten years we have made over 200 donations, pledges and contributions to the approximate value of £250,000.

In the last 12 months we gave in the region of an amazing £24,000 to local charities through our various fundraising events.

In the last three years we have donated to the following sectors in the local area.

  • £12,450 – Local youth projects
  • £1,584 – Local senior citizen projects
  • £16,793 – Local sports related projects
  • £24,837 – Local health & disability related initiatives
  • £14,778 – Local educational related initiatives
  • £2,265 – Local community initiatives

How to request a donation

If you are local to Dunmow and wish to be considered for a donation, please request a donation form below:

Fields marked with an * are required


Once received requests are debated in full by the members of Dunmow Round Table at our next Business Meeting (usually held quarterly) before being voted on.

When making a request, please provide as much information as you possibly can e.g.

  • the amount you are requesting from Dunmow Round Table
  • the purpose to which it will be put
  • if this is part of a larger fundraising activity, the total amount you are trying to raise.
  • any other fund raising activities / donation requests that are being undertaken and whether any money has been raised to date
  • any time constraints that a donation is required to meet

We will consider all requests as quickly as we can, but please try to allow as much time as possible when submitting requests.